Still Believe

by Dan Peter

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released December 16, 2013

Music and lyrics by Dan Peter

Dan Peter: vocals, guitars, piano
Sjors Buiting: bass
Jelmer Jansma: drums

Recorded at River Studios (Alkmaar) by Frank van Yperen.
Mixed at Music Analytics Studio by Henri Meijer and Don Willard.



all rights reserved


Dan Peter Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dan Peter is a singer-songwriter and performer based in the Amsterdam.

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Track Name: The Desire For Love
Empty again
Burning out too bright
Something to gain
It's so hard to find

The absence of pleasure
The desire for love
Could drag an angel from above

Find another deal
For you have so much to take
Living for real
There’s a price you/we always pay
You gave once and you gave twice
But they want some more
Find another deal
For it's you who always gave

You need a rest
Give yourself a break
Sit back relax
Later try again

You gave, you take
What you sow is what you reap
Track Name: Still Believe
I need a moment, to look in your eyes
To see if the sparkle, continues to shine

Out of the shadow, we need a good plan
We have a good reason, they just have to listen

Do we still believe in our chance to live our dreams?
Does it bring the peace, does it make our souls complete?

We came a long way to be here today
So many battles, we carry the lessons

A future wide open, our dreams still unspoken
Hello old friends, good to see you again

Middle Eight:
I need the fever to stay alive
I need to sing it to clear my mind
I need to lose to gain insight
I need to win just to prove I'm right
Track Name: When I Sing Out Your Name
If I give up on you, what is left out of me
If I won't be with you, how good it can be
If I will try to live all alone wondering
How am I going to feel, am I empty or free

Oh, hear me, when I sing out your name
And see me, how I return each day
Oh, hear me, when I call out your name
And believe me, when I say I'll stay

If I will try to be, standing on my two feet
If I will resist, am I able to win
How we got so far, we're each other's better half
Why we seem to be, enough for company

Middle Eight:
We share the good, overcome the bad
Remember celebrations that we had
To reach for the stars, the love should provide
Support for each other's dreams of the heart
Track Name: Something More
Watching the flowers grow
You feel so in control
Rise above the shallowness
And decide where you want to go

Feelings long forgotten
Remember when they were vital
All this busy emptyness
It's nothing but distraction

Can't you see what we're doing here
We waste our time and live in fear
There must be something more I guess
A stronger sense of togetherness

Watching the summer go
You feel like letting go
There isn't always a second chance
Sometimes you got to hold on

Middle Eight:
I am not a preacher
I ain't try to teach you
The world is waiting at your feet

You make up your own mind
It's up to you to decide
Find your song and sing it loud

Can't you see what we're missing here
We live our lives then dissapear
There must be something more I guess
A stronger sense of togetherness
Track Name: All I Need
I need to lay down, when it's time to get up
I need to be patient, there’s no time enough

I need to rehearse, the show that never comes
I need excitement, when no one's trying

That's how I feel
In the modern world we live
That's all I need
Find an easy way to live

I want to relax, it's hard to get undressed
I want no regrets, but I always take a chance

I want to be right, it makes me unkind
I want happiness, without getting blind
Track Name: The Times Again Are Changing
Sometimes I find myself
Overwhelmed by all we have
So much there is to know
In a while, so much to grow

The times again are changing
You lose your soul, for control
The times again are changing
You'll never know, what's done before

Information or distraction
The illusion of satisfaction
How to get what we are after
It's an art so hard to master?

Middle Eight:
When you think you’ve seen it all
There is something new at the door
And when you try to stop
The voice inside gets loud